Chantel Wetzel

Past Graduate Student

chantel.wetzel@noaa.gov206-302-1753Northwest Fisheries Science Center
NOAA Fisheries

Chantel (PhD 2016) received her BS in 2007 from the same university majoring in aquatic and fishery sciences with a minor in quantitative science. Following graduation she worked with the Fisheries Interaction Team at the Alaska Fishery Science Center examining spatial variations in diet composition of Atka mackerel in the Aleutian Islands. The summer prior to beginning graduate school she participated in a marine population dynamics program, NMFS-RTR program at Virginia Tech, where along with fellow students researched the fisheries of Puerto Rico creating an interactive teaching website aimed to at high-school and undergraduate teaching programs.

In fall 2008 she concurrently began her position at the Northwest Fishery Science Center and her graduate work at the university. As part of the West Coast groundfish stock assessment team in the FRAM division at the NWFSC, her graduate research focused on the performance of various estimation methods for data-poor stocks. Data-poor and data-limited stocks provide challenges for quantitative assessment and through her work she aims to provide a better understanding of the importance of data type, quantity, and quality and how that impacts the performance of data-poor assessment techniques.


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