Fisheries Think Tank

The Fisheries Think Tank series is a collaboration between fisheries stock assessment researchers at the University of Washington’s School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences and the Northwest Fisheries Science Center and Alaska Fisheries Science Center of NOAA Fisheries. Subscribe to the Think Tank list-serve.

Instructions for attending a GoToMeeting conference off-site

  1. Obtain a computer with an internet connection and speakers/headphones.
  2. At the meeting time, please go to the following website: where the latter, nine-number code will be provided by the meeting coordinator.
  3. You will be instructed to install a java-based add-on on your computer’s web browser, which install quickly. If this does not occur, please follow the instructions on that page. This will involve clicking a link for manually downloading the client software, saving the EXE file to your computer, and running it.
  4. When the client software opens, you will give a name and email that will be visible to all attendees.
  5. The client will include a list of attendees and a space to send text chats. If you are using headphones and speakers instead of a telephone, you will need to check that box.