Data [un]limited assessments? Minding the gaps…

Dr. James Ianelli1
November 24, 2015 9:00 (PST): FSH 203

Data [un]limited assessments? Minding the gaps…

A critical and seemingly less emphasized component of fisheries research involves sampling design and efficiency. Also, understanding how sampling designs and effort has changed over time is an important element for specifying scale parameters (e.g., variances or sample sizes) for stock assessment modeling. In this discussion session we’ll illustrate some big-data tools (i.e., some rudimentary Hadleyisms) and approaches used to estimate variability from sampling to achieve process error estimates so they can be evaluated relative to risk-averse control rules. Examples include novel approaches to modeling fishery weight-at-age for Bering Sea pollock and growth increments related to bottom temperature for yellowfin sole from the same region.

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