Maia Sosa Kapur coauthors JABBA-Select paper in Fisheries Research

Current grad student Maia Sosa Kapur, along with Puntlab alum Jim Thorson and a host of international collaborators released a new paper presenting an extention of the JABBA model in Fisheries Research. (This link will be open-access for the next 45 days). JABBA-Select is an extension of the JABBA model, which Maia co-developed, which implementes Bayesian surplus production model to account for differential impacts of selective fishing. JABBA-Select incorporates life history parameters and fisheries’ selectivity and distinguishes between exploitable biomass and spawning biomass, enabling more direct comparison with age-structured model results. Simulation-testing experiments showed that JABBA-Select performs at least as well as, and often better than, age-structured production models for data-moderate stock assessment cases. JABBA-Select is freely available online on the global open-source platform GitHub here.


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