What next for “r4ss”, a successful but aging R package?

Ian Taylor1
November 28, 2017 9:00 (PST): FSH 203

What next for “r4ss”, a successful but aging R package?

The r4ss package, available at https://github.com/r4ss/r4ss, is a widely used set of R tools for to support the Stock Synthesis assessment platform. Thanks to a long history of development and contributions from over 20 people, it has been effective at increasing the efficiency of model explorations and writing assessment reports. However, the accumulated technical debt of years worth of edits to aging code have made adapting to evolving uses of the package more difficult. I will provide a brief overview of the package, discuss some of the key areas needing work, and hopefully get some necessary feedback on a variety of ideas for where things could go in the future.

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